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Hives in the Apiary [Michael Holland]

Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association has a training apiary near Stourport. It is used to site the Association’s own hives and as a venue for meetings, where members have the opportunity to see beekeepers in action and get some experience of opening hives and inspecting colonies.

The apiary may also be used by new members to site their own hives. In addition, the Association keeps a register of people (not necessarily beekeepers) who have apiary sites available. If you are looking for somewhere to site an apiary or would like to offer a spot for a beekeeper to put hives in, please contact the Secretary.


Getting Started

Joining your local beekeepers’ association is an excellent way to get started in beekeeping.

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We encourage, guide and support everyone to learn about the fascinating honey bee.

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Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association’s training apiary is used to site its own hives and as a venue for meetings.

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Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association was established in 1932 and in 2016 it had a record number of members.

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