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The honey bee is part of our history and our future. Help preserve our heritage and secure the survival of this linchpin in nature’s balance.

Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association encourages all skills and ages to learn more about this fascinating insect.

 Our members have all kinds of bee-related interests,

  • planting bee-friendly flowers
  • making hives and other equipment
  • extracting honey
  • making polish, candles, cosmetics and creams with beeswax
  • showing honey, mead and wax
  • bee biology
  • cooking with honey

and, of course, eating honey!

We can give guidance on all these interests. At our meetings you can hear speakers and join in discussions. We have members from children to those who are retired; from novices and beginners to experienced beekeepers ready to help. At our Kidderminster branch along with our sister branches you will always find a warm welcome and individual help wherever possible. Come to our out-apiary meetings too, for hands-on experience.

We can give advice on good reference books and point you in the right direction for starting to keep bees. Once you are ready to begin with your first bees then we can help with the dos and don’ts and show you how best to keep them strong and healthy. We can advise on everything bee: from where to site your hive, feeding and health, to swarm control and honey extraction.

You’ll never be on your own. To beginners we can offer a mentor who can help guide you through the first exciting but daunting months and advise you for as long as you need it.

Membership has been kept below £28 per year. For this, not only will you have a full schedule of events you can attend, but experience and help at hand. Members have access to equipment such as the branch’s extractor, can benefit from the bulk purchase of items such as honey jars and can sometimes be provided with bees in the form of an unclaimed swarm, if appropriate. We have members who buy and sell equipment too.

Not sure whether to join? Just want to find out a bit more about bees and what looking after them involves? You’re welcome to come to our meetings as a non-member. And don’t be shy! Introduce yourself and ask questions and you’ll find people delighted to talk bees.

For all enquiries about membership please contact the Secretary.


Getting Started

Joining your local beekeepers’ association is an excellent way to get started in beekeeping.

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We encourage, guide and support everyone to learn about the fascinating honey bee.

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Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association’s training apiary is used to site its own hives and as a venue for meetings.

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Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association was established in 1932 and in 2016 it had a record number of members.

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