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The branch was set up in April 1932 by a small group of local enthusiasts, and among the first members was the then doyen of beekeepers in the county, Van Frachem, who lived in Stourport. The branch survived the war and in the 1940’s it expanded which is when our longest serving member, Bill Hancox, joined. Also at this time Harold Basketfield, who was to become probably the most influential member over the next 50 years, started keeping bees. Other well-known beekeepers at the time were Bob Bradford, Cyril Hamshire and Bert Hinton.

The branch continued to progress, with several members attending Jim Crundwell’s excellent beekeeping courses at Pershore College. In 2000, the membership was steady at around 20-25 members, but in the following ten years all the publicity about bees encouraged a rapid near tripling of the numbers. At the end of 2016 there were a record 96 members.


Getting Started

Joining your local beekeepers’ association is an excellent way to get started in beekeeping.

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We encourage, guide and support everyone to learn about the fascinating honey bee.

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Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association’s training apiary is used to site its own hives and as a venue for meetings.

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Kidderminster Beekeepers’ Association was established in 1932 and in 2016 it had a record number of members.

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